Guulmax Shipping Company offers a comprehensive range of services that cover the entire logistics spectrum, including sea freight, customs clearance, transportation, feeder services, shipping agency functions, freight forwarding, and logistics consulting. These services collectively ensure the efficient, reliable, and secure movement of goods across international borders and regions.

Sea freight

Sea freight refers to the transportation of goods via ships across international waters. GSC provides sea freight services, facilitating the movement of cargo between various ports and destinations. This cost-effective mode of transportation is particularly suitable for bulk or larger shipments.


Clearance involves the process of obtaining the necessary approvals, documentation, and customs clearance for goods entering or leaving a country. GSC offers clearance services, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met, enabling smooth and timely movement of goods across borders.


GSC offers transportation services to move goods within specific regions or countries. This involves the use of various modes of transportation, such as trucks, trains, and other vehicles, to deliver cargo to its intended destination.

Feeder service

A feeder service involves the transportation of cargo between smaller, regional ports and larger mainline vessels or ports. GSC specializes in Feeder services, connecting the Middle East, Horn of Africa, and Red Sea regions, allowing for efficient and reliable shipment transfers between these areas.

Shipping agency

As a shipping agency, GSC acts as an intermediary between shipping lines, cargo owners, and other relevant parties. They coordinate various aspects of the shipping process, including vessel scheduling, documentation, and port arrangements, ensuring a smooth and streamlined shipping experience.

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding encompasses the coordination and management of the entire logistics chain, from arranging transportation to handling documentation and customs requirements. GSC offers freight forwarding services, overseeing the movement of goods from the point of origin to the final destination.

Logistics consultant

GSC provides logistics consulting services, offering expert advice and solutions to optimize supply chain operations. This involves analyzing existing logistics processes, identifying areas for improvement, and suggesting strategies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.


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Guulmax Shipping Company’s Feeder service covers the Middle East, Horn of Africa, and Red Sea regions. Our operations facilitate cargo transportation between these strategically important areas, enhancing trade and connectivity.

GSC prioritizes the security and safety of your cargo. We employ industry-standard security measures, including tracking technology, secure packaging, and adherence to international shipping regulations, to ensure the protection of your shipments throughout their journey.

Yes, absolutely. GSC offers a state-of-the-art tracking service that provides real-time visibility into the status and location of your shipments. Our user-friendly interface and customizable alerts keep you informed about your cargo’s progress from origin to destination.

GSC is committed to sustainability. Our Feeder service optimizes cargo routing, reducing unnecessary mileage and emissions. By consolidating shipments efficiently, we minimize the carbon footprint associated with transportation, aligning with environmentally friendly practices.

GSC’s customer support is dedicated to providing exceptional service. Our team is available to address your inquiries, offer assistance, and provide updates throughout the shipping process. We prioritize clear communication and timely responses to ensure your peace of mind.